Our Process

We aren’t your doctor's office — we’re simpler

We believe that you can either do many things well or do one thing great, and we chose great. Up until now, the only way to get preconception tests done was to schedule an appointment with your doctor, only to wait weeks for results that need a decoder to understand. We pride ourselves on making the process faster and easier — giving you more time to do the things you actually want to do.

Order your test package online

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made sure to keep the ordering process simple and quick. In less than 5 minutes you can be on your way to getting the results you’ve been looking for — you can order your genetic testing here too!

Get your labs done

To make your labs quick and easy we’ve partnered with Quest Diagnostics. With the most extensive network in the U.S., you can be assured there will be a lab right in your backyard.1 Use our scheduler to set up an appointment for your labs, or feel free to drop in whenever your schedule allows. With our innovative system you can have your labs drawn the same day.

View your personalized results

Lab results can be intimidating and confusing to read. We believe these reports should be easy to understand, so we make sure to personalize each one. Your report will come with all the information you need to educate yourself on your results.