Our Story

Welcome to PreConception!

We’re SO happy that you’re here. This company was built on the belief that women deserve access to evidence-based, quality information before pregnancy so that they can enter pregnancy confident, empowered, and in the best health possible! We hope that you’ll find our services and information valuable no matter where you are on your pregnancy planning journey — whether you’re just considering it or have already started trying.

Before starting PreConception, I worked as a women’s health PA. Very early on in my career I noticed that there was a significant gap in preconception care in the U.S. After several years of working in Ob/Gyn I joined a fertility clinic and realized just how big of a problem this was. Hundreds of women were coming to us after years of trying to become pregnant, having had numerous visits with multiple healthcare providers. And yet, the overwhelming majority of these women had never received preconception testing! It made absolutely no sense! How could so many providers have missed this opportunity with their patients?

Hundreds of hours of research later and I couldn’t shake my frustration with this. The importance of preconception care seemed so obvious to me — there were reports dating back to 1989 that demonstrated the benefits of preconception care. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had even issued a formal statement on this very topic. How had we entered the 21st century and left this piece out?

The more I spoke with women the more I heard the same thing. From my friends. From my patients. From almost everyone! Women who were actively trying to get pregnant often had multiple visits with their primary care providers or Ob/Gyns and yet had never received anything more than a recommendation to start prenatal vitamins. And then it hit me — the majority of healthcare providers don’t actually know this information themselves. It turns out, society has been so focused on preventing pregnancy that we’ve forgotten how to plan for it!

Which is how MY baby, PreConception — an online service that provides direct access to preconception testing for women who are planning a pregnancy — was conceived (pun intended). My dream is that ALL women have the knowledge and resources to evaluate and understand their health status before pregnancy. Not at their first prenatal visit when the opportunity to improve pregnancy outcomes has already passed.

The American Academy of Family Physicians has stated that “transforming the way preconception care is delivered is critical to success.” At PreConception, we’re leading that transformation. Thank you for allowing us to join you on your journey towards a healthy pregnancy.

Kristy Goodman

Co-founder & CEO, PreConception