Planning a pregnancy?

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Preconception testing is recommended for everyone

Preconception tests help to identify health risks that can lead to complications during pregnancy. The information gained through these tests can then be used to make changes that can improve your health and the health of your future pregnancy. These tests are recommended for every woman who is planning a pregnancy in the next 12 months (we call this the “preconception period”).

Why test with us?


Order online and go to the lab on your schedule with same-day visits. We'll also help you locate a lab close by. No doctor's visit necessary.

Easy-to-understand results

Your results should be easy to read, so we'll do more than send you off with a confusing lab report. We'll send personalized results right to your inbox.

Clinician Call

You'll have the option to schedule a call with a PreConception clinician to help answer any further questions. No more playing phone tag with your doctor.

Upfront pricing

You never know what you'll end up paying at a doctors office, so we made sure to keep it simple. No hidden fees, no surprise bills.


We follow national guidelines and research when it comes to preconception care so we can provide you with up-to-date information.

Connect with your provider

Working with a preconception provider already? Using your PreConception Portal, you can send your results to them in a matter of seconds.

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Our Process

Faster than you can say, "Hi, I'd like to schedule a doctor's appointment."

Our Test

With our HIPAA-compliant process, we make sure your information stays yours.

The Science

We're experts. Everything we do is always evidence-based and always up-to-date.